Friday, 18 January 2013

Still YOU

Tahu bahawa saya akan menyakitkan hati saya sendiri sekiranya saya berterusan begini. Tapi, saya masih tak mampu untuk melupakan semuanya.

Hey. Hari ini sekali lagi saya buka wall FB kau yang satu. Hey hey hey. I'm crying again. HAHA. Murahnya air mata. 

The promises.
 Oh God. I know You won't let things happen for nothing.
But God. It's still hurt.

It's been 9 months 13 days since the day. HAHA. I'm counting. Still. Walaupun saya sakit buat benda ni. HAHA. Well. You wouldn't know. And yes, I won't let you know.

Kuatnya saya kan? Depan kau YES. 100% yes. Tough. Happening. Crazy. Funnier than ever. But IF.. IF you ever see what behind these smiles, these laugh, you'll see a broken girl. Broken heart. Bleeds, still.

What a shame ! :)
You seem to be fine without me. HAHA. And that hurts me a lot. :D

I really, really, really wanted to move on. 
I just wanted to let go of this feeling.
I just need to naturalize this feeling.
I really, really, really need to move on.

Tell me how. 
Tell me how on earth you can leave just like that.

Tell me why.
Tell me why.

Why did you left?

# I thought I am someone for you, but I am not.

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