Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Mister A.

I never thought that you will be one of my favorite person--
the one that calms my storms,
the one that lighten up my days,
the one that makes me smiles even I'm busy wiping my tears,
the one who listen to everything that I'm feeling--
and comforts me.

We don't even knew each other's number.
Barely meet.
Barely speak face to face.

And here we go--
Its been a year since our first conversation.

I always knew that this is so wrong,
And the relationship won't go anywhere...
but I fall anyway.

What should I do?

Update 3 May 2015: This is totally childish. haha.

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Missing Her

Perkara paling sakit di dunia ni bagi aku adalah apabila Mak aku terluka. Whether it is physically or mentally. Aku tak mampu lihat, atau membayangkan Mak aku simpan sakit hati, menangis atau rasa kecewa. Yang aku mampu hanya membenci orang yang buat Mak aku begitu, dan mungkin berdendam. Dan nangis.

Aku juga pernah buat Mak aku nangis. And that was the most regretted days I had.

Kau pernah nampak mak kau nangis depan kau? Sebab kau? Perasaan dia bila kau nampak air mata tu macam dada kau nak meletup. Sakit sangat. Kalau boleh kau nak hentak kepala kau di dinding. Biar pecah. Atau ambil pisau tikam dada kau. Biar rasa sakit tu hilang terus.

Dia takkan pernah bagitahu dia sakit hati. Atau terasa. No. Never. Dia akan diam. Simpan. Nangis sebelum tidur. Nangis semasa dia bersendirian di tempat kerjanya.

I am far away. At least kalau aku ada di rumah, malam-malam Mak boleh juga bercerita sikit-sikit dengan aku. Walaupun tak menyeluruh, at least she have someone to talk to. But I'm glad she open up to me, when I ask what is it that bothers her. She is not someone that will easily talks about her feeling. Apatah lagi aku jauh dari rumah, dan dia tahu aku jenis sensitif dengan topik sebegini. But then, she must had bottled up the heart-ache, that despite Dad asking her to never tell these stories to me, she told me anyway.

Sorry, Mom.

I miss you Mom. I missed you so much. I missed home. I just wish that things will turn out better. And that I'll be able to do something for you, Icha and Dad in the future. Wait for me! :'(

Saturday, 10 May 2014


Missing you that my heart aches a lot.

Happy Mother's Day Mom.
I love you so much.
May God ease your heart, brighten your days and hugs you in His warm loves.
I love you.

Monday, 5 May 2014


the way you manage to make me blush thru text,
the way you manage to make me smiles thru text,
the way you make me fall.... thru text!

The little things---
'Goodnight miss'
'Have a nice day miss'
'fuyohh tough'
'you are one of a kind miss'

-----that is something memorable.

And then I realize,
we are something that goes nowhere.

*long sigh*

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Random Thoughts

Find NEW friend, but never forget the OLD one.
My other half, the soul sister, the one that GOD knew one lady can't stand to have as her daughters that we can only become bestie.
Rozanna @ Nana. :')

My girlfriends! ----- Memiey, Aida, Eva,Lyeen and Suri!

My mysterious girlfriend!--- Miss Jaelle! :)

My Girl--- Casey :)


My other guy-friend. One of a kind. Mister Bhen. ^_^

The beautiful lady with a personality--- Memiey. ^_^

The love of my days. Haha
Dari belakang- Akmal, 2nd belakang Gapik, ketiga Izzat.
Tudung hitam Aida, sebelahnya Suri.

My family in KL. Lots of love guys! ^_^

Mr Moriss. One of my best guy-friend. Ever. 
No one can replace. Ever.

Tuesday, 22 April 2014


This is the best of me when everything else is the worst of me.


I hope I will always be able to laugh when ever I feel like I'm happy, I'm stressed, I'm tired, I'm annoyed, I'm feeling blues, I'm missing you, I'm lost and when I am in a lot of pain.

Missing You!

I am missing you, Nana!


Sorry for the unanswered call.
Tak mahu kau tahu terlalu banyak yang aku simpan.
Nanti kau risau.

Biar aku reda dulu.
Biar aku sembuh dulu.
Biar aku jadi tough semula---

Then aku cari kau. :'(


Aku rasa hilang dalam tawa aku sendiri.

Tolong cari aku yang dulu :'(

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Fell for you

I'm insane.
The way you ask about my days.
The way you make me smile.
The way you tells me a jokes.
The way you make me happy.
The way you answers my silly questions.
The way you makes me open up about me to you.
The way you care.

The little thing--- from the texts.
Makes me happy.
Makes me laugh.

I think I am starting to fall again.
Fall for you, maybe?



I wish. 

Wednesday, 12 March 2014


Pernah tak?

Jam 1.30 pagi,
kau jalan pergi bilik kawan.
Dengan dada berat,
air mata sarat,
bibir kau kemam.

Sambil jalan,
Kau tahan tangis.

Sampai depan bilik kawan,
kau berhenti.

Lalu kau patah balik ke bilik kau.
Tanpa jumpa kawan kau.

Sampai bilik,
kau ambil selimut, gigit.
Kau ambil bantal, tutup muka.


Luka yang manakah ini?
Hingga dalam dadaku ini umpama pecah.
Hingga diriku ini menggigil kuat.
Hingga mataku tak henti banjir.
Hingga aku ingin teriakkan pedihku.

Mengapa tak sembuh lagi, sayang?

Sakit ini-- kenapa masih di sini?

Gadis ini-- kenapa tak mampu bertahan?

Friday, 28 February 2014


Things wil never be the same again.


She's The Girl

And she wish she can be forever strong to picks herself up every time she falls.

'cause she knew how it feel to fall down, and the one that she treasured the most turn his back on her.

'cause she knew, no matter what, those who promise to stay forever will eventually leave.