Sunday, 7 October 2012

Words Aren't Enough

So here's the story for today. I've been craving for a post since a few days ago, and I typed everything, but then I erased everything. Deleted, I mean. Or backspaced. It's just a stuff from the hearts that I thought I will vomit myself if I re-read the post. So I delete it. After all, I am the one and only one who will read this blog anyway. Haha

It's 7 October 2012, 4.01 in the afternoon, and I'm sitting in front of my laptop, surfing the net from 12 noon, scrolling quotes. Oooooouh ! I loves quotes a lot ! I can spend my day just to re-read all the quotes because I found it was so refreshing when I read it. And quotes help me to say all the unsaid words :)

Yesterday, one of my batch-mate loss her father. She is Sabahan, and her father died from an accident, which I'm not really sure how and why myself. It's painful to listen to her crying. I can't exactly recall how I react when I heard the news, but in a blink of eyes, I imagined myself in the situation. And I called my parents, told them the bad news and ask if they were okay. Unexpectedly I'm like crying. I miss my parents so much ! And knowing that she -the friend of mine- will never able to talk to her father like I did, I feel very sad. She is the eldest child in the family, and she's close with her father. 

Traveled from Sabah to Kuala Lumpur, only a few times per year having the opportunity to met with our beloved ones. And then drowned in the busy schedule, some days we just gave up to the tiring routines and didn't manage to give a call to them. Sometimes. And there's this imagination of losing someone who were very close, very familiar, very dear to me while I am far away comes to my mind. And I end up crying myself. But I never thoughts that this will come to reality, happens to my own friend. 

I afraid I might not have a chance to tell them how much I care, how much I love them, how much I appreciate them, how much I want to bring happiness to them, and how much I am thankful to God for giving me such a beautiful family. I have Mama and Papa who always there when I am totally lost, my sisters who became my best friend, my love and my lovely sisters, and my brothers who until now, proudly says the best brothers I have ! And my little Adung, who gives me a million reason to live life, to stand up and to achieve my goals in life. I love all of you ! I know words weren't enough to show my love, so I am on my way achieving something for our future life. Wait for me everyone, I want you all to have my very own gift, one fine day.

And I have these friends, who walks with me along the journey of my life. Nana and Lyeen :D Met them in two different places, and they stay in a very special place in my heart. We argued, we cried together, we laugh together, do sleep-overs, watch movies together, sing the most jiwangs songs together, eat at midnight, read the novels, plays together -netball and volleyball-, treasure the friendship, ignore each other, crawling back to befriend, we shout at each other, post a crazy and useless on Facebook, and tease each other ! And we are all in the middle of a stairway to become a TEACHER ! :D

Words aren't enough to show how much you care. Action did. And I hope by spending a moments with them, through phone calls, through text messages, through chat, through hanging out, I am someone worth the time for them :D

# I love you all !

Ever Been There?

Yes. And deleted the long typed text :D
It's sad to realise that there were so much to be shared,
but you just knew that he wouldn't care at all.
Walk away or try it harder. But then, is it worth it ?

Do You Still Like Him ?

I really love quotes !
And hey. This one is so true for me :D