Thursday, 26 January 2012

Post 1 : ini FLOE :)

Sometimes, neither words nor action can tell what is it that we feel at that moments. 
Sometimes, silence tells everything.
Sometimes, ignoring is the only way to heal the pain, yet sometimes, we didn't know whether we are healing, OR, we are drowning into the painful even deeper.

There are time, when you think making people laughs will lighten up the heavy burden in your heart, but you never know what crying can help. 
There are moments when you think hiding all your pains with smiles will help you heal, but then, how you'll heal when everything reminds you about it ?

Time goes on, some people change, yet some choose to stay the same.
things change, yet something remain.

It's never easy to become someone who doesn't know you, yet you manage to fake everything, just to get over at some part that hurt you, in your life.