Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Random Thoughts

Find NEW friend, but never forget the OLD one.
My other half, the soul sister, the one that GOD knew one lady can't stand to have as her daughters that we can only become bestie.
Rozanna @ Nana. :')

My girlfriends! ----- Memiey, Aida, Eva,Lyeen and Suri!

My mysterious girlfriend!--- Miss Jaelle! :)

My Girl--- Casey :)


My other guy-friend. One of a kind. Mister Bhen. ^_^

The beautiful lady with a personality--- Memiey. ^_^

The love of my days. Haha
Dari belakang- Akmal, 2nd belakang Gapik, ketiga Izzat.
Tudung hitam Aida, sebelahnya Suri.

My family in KL. Lots of love guys! ^_^

Mr Moriss. One of my best guy-friend. Ever. 
No one can replace. Ever.

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