Sunday, 13 January 2013

2013 - SAYA

Setelah sekian lama membiarkan belogs ini berkulat warna purple, akhirnya hari ini saya menaip satu entry lagi. Entry pertama untuk tahun baharu. Tahun 2013.Entry pertama yang tak sedap saya sendiri menulisnya.

*long sigh*

These are my new year's wishes:-
1. Forgive those who had hurt me, may they be in my past nor in my future.
2. Being the best part of my family.
3. Move on. From everything.
4. Be better! In dealing with myself, friends, family, problem, and my past.

 *long sigh again*

Such a professional actress, that's me. Laughing here and there, jumping and shouting like this lady named Floe. The happy-go-lucky person. The one who shows none of her problems to others. The tough lady. The... me ?

Silly me. Why can't I just forget everything and start again ?

Why ?

Because I had love, I still love, I am in love.
Because I saw you everyday, but you didn't even realize I was there.
Sakit. Sakit. Sakit. Sakit. Sakit. 

The promises. Still remembered.
And the day you walk away. Still, remembered.

"A girl. She will remember every detail of you, the sweetest memories till the part when you broke her heart. She can't forget, no matter how hard she'd try. And that's hurt her a lot."

April 2012

Let's just pretend that I am over it.

# crying again. pathetic me.

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