Thursday, 24 January 2013


I promised to myself that what ever you do, I would not care anymore.

Whatever happens that includes you, I won't bother anymore.

And I won't cry because of you anymore. 

And I won't text you anymore, unless it is an important matter.

And that I won't hope that we can be friend, after all that had happen. Perhaps, we can be friend, but not now. Not in this 3 years.Maybe another 5 years, maybe another 10 years. Who knows?

And yes.. Sekuat mungkin saya akan ingat janji saya sendiri.

Sekuat mungkin saya akan berusaha tidak peduli pasal kau. 

Sekuat mungkin.

And this is my new wishes, to see you as invisible, in my life.

# Kau tiada sudah. Mati? No. Just hilang tiba-tiba dari hidup saya. YES.

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