Friday, 8 February 2013

CERITA malam pertama

Malam pertama.

Di kolej kediaman Adibah Amin IPG KBM KL.

With Oreo Cheese Cake, coffee, novels and music.
For the whole week of holiday, CNY's holiday.

It's a beautiful moment to do anything I want to, with no stress about everything, yet I'm longing about something.

I miss them so much.
It's like I can hear them talking, I see them passing through me.

Oh God. Strengthen this fragile heart. May this whole week helps me to grow in love with you, deeply.

And God, please. You know what is it that I deserve. If what I ask is what You had planned for me, please O Lord. Help me to appreciate everything you allowed me to have in this world of Yours.

God, I miss them.

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