Sunday, 21 April 2013

"There's a Taylor Swift songs for that..."

Love Story 
- You and him like each other but you are not allowed to date

The Way I Loved You 
- You love your new boyfriend, but you can’t get over how things were with your old one

- You like him but he likes her, and she’ll never like him, and you do

 - You believed everything he said, and now you realize that young love does not last

Should’ve Said No 
- He cheated on you, and she was not worth it, and he’ll never have you back

A Place In This World 
- You just want to fit in

Forever & Always 
- You and him went from being perfect to horrible so quickly

Tell Me Why 
- If he loves you then why does he like to hurt you?

I’m Only Me When I’m With You 
- He’s the only person you can be yourself around

- You believe that things will get better

Teardrops on My Guitar 
- You want him so bad, but he only sees you as the girl he talks about his girlfriend with

Mary’s Song
- Our love is everlasting

Today Was A Fairytale
- That was the best date of your life

- With him, you’re not afraid to do anything

White Horse
 - He broke your heart, and you won’t forgive him

The Outside 
- You don’t fit in in his world

Jump Then Fall
 - You fell for him, now he just needs to fall for you?

You Belong With Me 
- You’re so much better for him than she is

# Credits to Olivia Arlfreanny Robert who found this and post it. :)

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