Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Entry BFF : Memories

I want to treasure the friendship as much as I can, 'cause I knew that I'll be a sober missing all the moments in the years ahead.

Everything will be a memories. We'll cry for the old days, wishing we can turn back time to the minutes we are laughing, arguing, teasing each other, pairing our friends with random people, watching movies, singing with all our might, sulking, lending an ear to listen and a shoulder to cry on whenever our friends feel down, and all the other moments.

We will regret all the plans that we planned but never worked out. 
We will regret all the mean things we did, or we say.
All the ignorance, the egos, the hatred, the painful things we left in our dearest friend's memory.

But the most painful thing that we'll wish we can re-do is the moments with our very best of friend.

I wish we can go back to a few months before today, 
so that I'll able to change a few things in our friendship.

So that until the end, 
the moments you had with me won't give you a heart-ache.

I love you bestie.
Until today, I thought by acting like this I'll able to protect you from all the episode of
broken heart, crying silently at night, feeling like
you are alone.. 

I guess I just don't know how to be a good friend.
I'm sorry for the hard time you had because of me.

BFF, let's be a BFF 'till the end.


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