Monday, 22 July 2013

Entri FAMILY: How lucky I am!

I miss them. Like every seconds. 
Mama, Papa, Icha, Sisters and brothers.

And I thank God I have this family here,
who share laughs, tears, problems, jokes, loves, and meaningful moments while I am here.

I love you.
Lyeen, Moriss, Rabi, Tracey, Jaelle, Apik, Memiey, Eva, Akmal, Izzat, Zul, Hafiz, Suri, Aida, Helora, Ainsyah, Joy, Syuhada.

Thanks God, I found them in this life.
Beautiful, lovely, and wonderful people.

I guess I'm lucky to be given this kind of life.
Surrounded by families and friends.
Full of loves! :')


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