Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Sad Part

Move on.

Such an easy words to say. As if you can say it straight to my face and then in the blink of eyes, I manage to move on.

No. It is not as easy as that. And that's the saddest part in this 'i want to get over him' struggles.

Ya. Saya sangat pandai menasihati rakan-rakan saya untuk menghadapi masalah-masalah mereka dengan segala macam kata-kata motivasi. But then, when I'm facing something myself, I don't know how to react. 

Yes. I did try to move on as fast as I can, but I failed to do so. I can't forget every little details of moments that I SHOULD had forgot today. 

And hell yeah. It's hurts so much to bear all this to myself. 

But I can act like nothing had happened between you and me, or him and her, or her and him, or between us that ever hurt me. And I'm glad you don't know anything about this.

This 2nd semester seems to be great. It's really great. My class mates were great, understanding than ever, lovelier, funnier, crazier and we get along very well. But I still feel this hole deep inside me. Maybe that hole is the place that I used to save for you. HAHA. Pathetic.

# time will heal all the broken soul #

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